Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick links

I always seem to have more links than I have time to blog about and some things are interesting and just don't require a lot of commentary. But I do like to keep them archived here instead of foundering in some hold file that inevitably gets corrupted just when I'm looking for a link so bear with me, even if you don't like these linky posts.

First and foremost, Vote for Sinfonian-Blast Off! blog. He's been nominated in 7 categories in The Florida Netroots Awards and modestly requests you only consider voting for him in five of them.

The GOPers are determined to keep the 912 lunacy going. They're now complaining that the taxpayer funded DC Metro system didn't run enough trains to accomodate their anti-tax, anti-government protest. Even more delicious, the GOPer who is demanding answers, voted against Metro funding. Maybe someone should tell them, that just like freedom, infrastructure improvements aren't free.

Pandagon debunks a related Metro myth the wingers have been floating about how the Metro problems "prove" there were a gazillion people at their protest.

Meanwhile, Obama has been on the road selling reform. Mark Knoller reports, the Fire Marshal estimates there were 15,000 people in the Comcast Center at University of MD for Obama's speech today. There was 1 heckler.

And Obama just can't win with the media. They've been railing about how he failed to sell reform during the August recess. Now that's he out there doing it, they're wringing their hands and asking if he's overexposed. I only link to Tapper's story because the punch line at the very end is priceless. Can't accuse Gibbs of not having a sharp wit.

This looks useful. Media Matters launched a new subsite, Smearbuster that dispatches the right wing smears against liberals as they come in. I have a feeling they'll be busy over there for a long time.

This is interesting. Surprised to find it in the Detroit News. TV's 'Newlywed Game' features first gay couple. Good for them. Even better is the gay couple is Star Trek's Sulu and his long time partner who have been together for decades, but only recently got married.

Via SoBeale, I loved this. Pink insects. Never seen one myself, but I'm going to start looking for them. God knows, we have plenty of damn insects around here.

And to end with something funny, this New Yorker cartoon made me LOL.

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