Saturday, September 19, 2009

How soon they 'forget'

I've spent way too long arguing with Joe Scarborough today. I love that Twitter can let that happen but it's really a waste of time. I spent an hour digging through Google looking for unrotted links from 04 and 05 to make my point. He probably didn't even read them. But I like the illusion that I'm making him think.

Of course, being me, I spend a couple of more hours in my archives here, reviewing the insanity of those days. Atrios is right. There isn't really a way to sum up the craziness of that time in a few words. It was so vast. So pervasive. Daily shock and awe for eight years. The Bush administration struck on every front and the media let it happen. Not only didn't they challenge it. They supported it. They fronted for it. They were a willing conduit for the disinfo and now they want to pretend they were innocent bystanders? Pisses me off.

And I can do without the double standards and the false equvilancies too.

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