Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reports of my demise...

Sorry I disappeared yesterday. I lost power for over 7 hours and otherwise had a terrible day too depressing to describe. So forgive me, but just another linky post of news to peruse.

Greg Sargent notices in contrast to the 24/7 mult-day blitz of coverage when Darth Cheney was howling that if only the documents were released, it would vindicate the Bush administration's use of torture, there has been virtually no coverage now that those documents have been released. Maybe because the only thing they prove is Cheney is bald-faced liar.

Not that the lies will stop. As Tim F is the latest to note, the media exacts zero penalty for lying. In fact, they celebrate the liars on a regular basis as credible commentators. Not sure which is worse.

On a related note, this 30 second ad from Doctors without Borders is just bone chilling. Made me want to sob for the human race.

On the health care reform front, this is the best short video explanation of the single payer system I've seen so far.

This teaser for Taibbi's latest at Rolling Stone on what's wrong with reform looks like it's going to be a blockbuster.

Why single payer advocacy matters now more than ever.

Roger Ebert follows up his previous post, this time making the moral case and 538 injects some facts into the fantasies about socialism and immigrants as related to reform.

Like Atrios, I've also always had a thing for creative and interesting urban street stairs. Ghost streets of San Francisco.

This chapel built on a lava plug in the middle of a town in France has a lot of stairs too. Very cool. [via Phila's Friday Hope Blogging]

And to end with something entirely soothing, thanks to Buckeye for this gorgeous pink daylily. Love those flowers. They don't last long but they're so elegant.

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