Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mercy killing at the WaPo

In the wake of mass outrage over the lame beer video, the Washington Post has decided to kill Mouthpiece Theater. While I'm sure it was an editorial decision and not necessarily voluntary, I thought Cillizza's apology was rather gracious and (never thought I'd say this) I encourage you to go read it. You can probably skip Howie Kurtz and Dana "Dickwhiperer" Milbank's posts. Kurtz, as usual, has nothing useful to add and Dickwhisperer is pretty obviously pissed that they pulled it. His apology doesn't sound all that sincere.

The official reasons are the bland sort of "well it just didn't work" that you might expect but I'm guessing editorial didn't get the message until that parody that I linked to below hit the internets. I'd bet that youtube got more hits in an hour than the entire Mouthpiece series did in the course of its ill-fated run.

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