Friday, May 01, 2009

Banksters win again

Even after weeks of negotiation and givebacks that would assure cramdowns on mortages would cover as few ordinary taxpayers as possible, Durbin's bankruptcy bill was shot down in the Senate on a vote of 51-45 with 12 Democrats crossing over to join every single Republican. Durban was furious and again proclaimed in no uncertain terms that the banksters truly own our government. I'd urge you to read his rant at the link because our privileged media won't cover that extraordinarily unusual public airing of the Senate's dirty little secret. They're too busy obsessing about some stupid offhand remark Biden made about the swine flu.

Neither will most of the media mention that the tepid protections offered in this bill are already available to the wealthy to save their vacation homes, yachts and other luxury assets. In other words the banksters and their servants on the Hill are covered if they get in trouble, so screw the little guy who needs to be taught a lesson about "personal responsibility." If only there was a way to teach them the same lesson.

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