Monday, April 20, 2009

Harmon wiretap: explosive story or clever distraction?

The big buzz of the day is this CQ story on Rep. Jane Harman and an unnamed AIPAC staffer caught allegedly making some kind of deal via a NSA wiretap. So far there's seems to be more speculation than facts. Glenzilla has the most measured analysis but if you want more, lots of people making guesses on the significance of the events.

My initial take is that the timing of the leak seems somewhat suspect. Since as Glen points out, this wiretap was authorized by the court, I'm thinking it's possibly a Trojan Horse meant to distract from earlier reports that a Congressperson was eavesdropped on under the NSA program. I'm wondering if there isn't another person who was surveilled without a warrant. As they say, this story is still developing.

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