Friday, April 24, 2009

GOP Goes Goofy

It's become almost impossible to tell if you're reading the news or an Onion parody these days, but this is apparently real. The RNC wants to rename the Democratic Party
A conservative faction of the Republican National Committee is urging the GOP to take a harder line against both Democrats and wayward Republicans, drafting a resolution to rename the opposition the “Democrat Socialist Party” and moving to rebuke the three Republican senators who supported the stimulus package.
It seems to me they've already done that unofficially and it's unclear how they intend to force the Democrats to adopt it. As the Kool Tweeps say these days -- laughing and pointing. Meanwhile, on a related note, the GOPers are threatening to go all obstructionist if the Democrats use reconciliation to pass health care reform. Among their threatened tactics:
The GOP might first go after White House nominations. Republicans could require each appointee to get a separate hearing and a separate roll call vote. They could stop attending committee hearings, and decline to provide "unanimous consent" to move forward on even the most benign issues or routine Senate business. Republicans could also demand that the text of bills, which are often hundreds of pages long, be read aloud.
Not sure anyone would notice the difference from what they're doing already and I actually love that last bit. I've been thinking for a long time reading the bills into the record should be required. I hope the Democrats are smart enough to call their bluff and let them go through with it. Guaranteed self-destruction.

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Blogger OpenMindedRepublican said...

They will never go for making them read every bill completely. I wish they would, but they know they will not be the minority forever.

But wouldn't it be great if they did? As long as they are at it, require that any laws being ammended be read in their new form. Trying to read laws is a killer.

8:32:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

OMR, if the GOPers don't get their act together, they are going to be the minority for a very long time, if not disappear. That crazy base they keep trying to keep happy is shrinking all the time. It's mostly old people.

But it would be great if they had to read the bills the pass before they vote on them. I don't know why they're not required to. It's because they don't that so much crazy shit comes to back to haunt us all later. I think the bills should be shorter and no amendments not applicable to the matter they're legislating should be allowed. It would cut out the deal making that screws the whole process up.

9:32:00 PM  

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