Monday, March 02, 2009

Quick bytes - Stormy Monday edition

Song in my head by two of the greats. Don't think I've ever heard of a cover of this one I didn't like.

Google reminds me it's Dr. Seuss' birthday. Always loved his stuff.

On a more serious note, some might call this treason.

Of course, I probably don't criticize the Obama administration enough myself.
Thankfully, Dan is on the case with this week in tyranny and is pushing back on the executive branch.

This police misconduct is just horrifying. But I expect they'll get away with it.

On a lighter note, you can't spell twitter without the twit.

This made me LOL. Be still my heart.

A malodorus analogy at Truth 101.

And I would link to Jon Swift a lot more often if he didn't have some kind of lousy script on his page that hangs up my computer for ten minutes while it loads, but it was worth the wait to hear his interview on the radio where he discusses "slum dog love" and gets a lesson in hip-hop talk, which I undertand new RNC chair Michael Steele has mandated for all true red GOPers.

Interesting. Twenty five things about the Mayor of Simpleton.

Sad. Goodbye PSoTD.

Pygalgia is back to posting boobies after some shoulder surgery. But sadly, we offer belated condolences on the loss of his mom. And the same to Kathy who also lost her mom in the last couple of weeks.

To end on a brighter note, our new First Lady is gorgeous and she dresses so well. And I just loved this igloo and this God's eye. What an amazing universe.

[As always, some of these links thanks to Avedon.]

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Blogger danps said...

Thanks for the links, Libby!

7:17:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks for posting such good stuff so consistently Dan.

8:12:00 PM  

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