Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rahming through the gate

I see Ryan Lizza's piece in NYT on Rahm Emanuel is driving some discussion today. Rahm called out Krugman for criticizing the stimulus bill and the negotiations that weakened it. Matt is right of course, that Krugman created context for the debate. Somehow I think Rahm is aware of that and his dig at Krugman is part of the process.

I'm no fan of Rahm's but I'm thinking he did a good thing here. In recognizing Krugman's criticism, he gives him more credibility to frame the context. The dynamic works to strengthen them both. I have some serious concerns about giving Rahm that kind of power, but it's working to nudge the window left. We're making progress.

Oddly, as a life long pacifist, I find myself wishing that everybody keeps fighting.

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