Monday, February 23, 2009

Facts on the filibuster

I don't understand the air of resignation here. Apparently you can make the GOPers filibuster by requiring their presence on the floor, but you can't make them talk. The consensus among the smart people is that it would make for bad teevee and Reid says the GOPer could keep asking for a roll call vote. Beutler says that's not quite right and they couldn't necessarily keep asking for a roll call.

Either way, so what? Most Americans don't understand cloture votes. To the average Jake, it just looks like the Dems are caving to the GOPers' temper tantrums. It's not like the majority of Americans are glued to CSPAN watching them make the sausage anyway. As long as the GOPers are required to physically be there to block a vote, it will be reported that GOPer X is holding the floor and blocking further business. At least it will be clear that it's the GOPers who are obstructing. That doesn't strike me as a bad thing. And I'd bet it would still cut down on its use for every little thing.

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