Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick reads

I've had terrible connectivity problems this morning, so here's a few links that I don't have much to say about to get you started.

The contest for RNC chair gets uglier by the minute. The GOPers are now eating their own.

Professional malfeasor Eliott Abrams and perverse incentives.

Memories. Thain, in case you haven't heard is the ex-Merrill CEO who spent $1.2 million remodeling his office, including a $1,400 trash can.

Who could have predicted that the GOPers would deal in bad faith? Besides all of us I mean.

YouTubes of a BBC documentary on US health care. Not otherwise available in the US. Watch it before someone takes it down.

Foods that are good for you. Beets and cabbage top the list and Swiss Chard is really easy to grow. I thought it most interesting that they listed purslane which was a common weed that always took over my gardens up north. I used to compost mountains of it. Good to know it's edible. The way things are going, we might all be eating roadside weeds before it's over.

And just for fun. I loved the perfect juxtaposition in this photo.

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