Friday, December 26, 2008

Media Bytes - Not Missing You At All Edition

Song in my head fits the opening link. It seems just about everyone will not be missing Bush.

It might have something to do with the economy. I'm told this is the best explanation for what went wrong, The House that Jack Built.

I mean really. Cry me a river for the poor misbegotten hedge fund managers.

And my heart is equally breaking for these 'poor' souls who took ten years to raise minimum wage to levels that still won't provide a decent living with only one job. Because it's bad for business.

Speaking of bad business, this is damn frightening. If Monsanto can eliminate seed cleaners, they would have accomplished a TOTAL monopoly in the Midwest, the bread basket of the world, and they would control world food, feed and now bio-fuel prices at will. They would, as well, have broken the fragile dam that seed cleaners and seed bankers now provide against the insanely-fast and just plain insane on-coming tide genetic engineering.

On the other hand, here's one way the Pentagon found to foster better living through pharmaceuticals.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals, we already knew that Bristol Palin's baby daddy's mommy is stupid for drug dealing so openly, but it's notable that the bust was delayed because of Secret Service protection. I'm wondering why she had it in the first place. Technically, they weren't even related to Palin, yet.

And speaking of stupid, the annual wingnut awards are beginning to roll in and how Bush sees himself.

Which reminds me of all the wingers who just can't seem to figure out there is a difference between weather and climate.

A lesson the local constables have surely figured out on this Canadian police chase.

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And finally, it's not a media bytes without the eye candy, so here's a photo gallery of the best nature photography of 2008.

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