Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WSJ goes pro-union

In one of those cosmic jutxapositions I just love, moments after I published a pro-union post at the Detroit News, I discovered the WSJ posted a strong pro-union editorial that acknowledges the mandate of 08 is for more liberalism in government. I love the opening grafs:
It is possible, I suppose, that the pundits are right and the public didn't really mean it when it elected a liberal Democrat president and gave Democrats even larger majorities in both houses of Congress. Maybe America really wants the same nice, reassuring, centrist thing as always.

But it is also possible that, for once, the public weighed the big issues and gave a clear verdict on the great economic questions of the last few decades. It is likely that we really do want universal health care and some measure of wealth-spreading, and even would like to see it become easier to organize a union in the workplace, however misguided such ideas may seem to the nation's institutions of higher carping.
The rest of it is just as good, if not better. As the saying goes, read it all while I get over the shock of having the WSJ not only agree with me, but make some of the same talking points.

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