Saturday, November 15, 2008

Palin around

I suppose he would wince to hear me say it if he could see how old I am, but I've loved Dick Cavett since I was kid watching his afternoon talk show. Time hasn't dulled his acerbic wit a bit. His Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla is the must read of the day. Here's a couple of grafs to tempt you into clicking over.
I feel a little sorry for John. He aimed low and missed.

What will ambitious politicos learn from this? That frayed syntax, bungled grammar and run-on sentences that ramble on long after thought has given out completely are a candidate’s valuable traits?

And how much more of all that lies in our future if God points her to those open-a-crack doors she refers to? The ones she resolves to splinter and bulldoze her way through upon glimpsing the opportunities, revealed from on high.
Goddess willing, those doors will be locked tight and the Great Spirit will throw away the key. I'd have to say the one bright spot in my life today was doing a google news check and discovering she was barely being covered, figuratively and literally.

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