Sunday, November 02, 2008

Media bytes: For What It's Worth Edition

Song in my head. One of my all time favorite groups. It's a been a lazy Sunday. The time change always throws me off, doesn't matter which way it goes so I'm getting a slow start, but here's some links for a Sunday afternoon.

SoBeale rounds up the former Reagan Administration officials who have endorsed Barack Obama. It's quite a list.

Mikevotes flags an interview with most of the Palin clan, with Greta Van Susteren. The transcript at the link doesn't really do it justice. You can get the video on the right sidebar. It takes longer to watch than read but it's worth it for the body language.

In Erie, PA, Palin goes tone deaf and gets roundly booed by the crowd for praising the Phillies in Cleveland Indians territory.

Via Dirk, a spot on cartoon pondering, "What if Palin was a black democrat?"

In case you missed it, here's McCain's SNL skit last night. I thought it was pretty lame, but interesting in that it was almost a concession speech.

On the other hand, I really like Obama's rapid response ad to Cheney's endorsement of McCain, Delighted.

Moving on to voter fraud, now that Oprah's vote didn't register on her first try at using a touchscreen machine, maybe the issue will get some real attention. Kat sends in the update with contact info for Oprah where you can suggest she invite Brad of BradBlog on to her show to explain it to the viewers.

On a related note via Avedon, here's an interactive election fraud map where you can document what's going on in your polling place and see what others have to say.

Also, new evidence has emerged showing how electronic voting data was routed during the 2004 election from Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office through a partisan Tennessee web hosting company. That being the same company that hosted the illegal White House email accounts that were used to conduct state business and the same company that managed to "lose" the archived emails that were subpoenaed as evidence in the attorney purge investigation. Interesting coincidence.

And here's a historic voting turnout chart. It looks like we might see a turnout that exceeds the record set in 1960.

The picture of the day is so good, I'm going to post it instead of just linking. [via]

Finally, if you're sick of politics, you might want to listen to the Don Was Channel. [via]

I'm told this video is a fake but it's really well done and if it was real, that would be some amazing flying.

And last, I just love this reverse graffiti. [via]

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