Saturday, November 08, 2008

The future's so bright...

As good as we feel right now about the outcome of the election, it's feels even better to remember that it's not over yet. At FDL there's a list of other developments to celebrate and some we have yet to look forward to.
** there are 5, count 'em 5 House Races still to be decided - and Dems are favored in all but one? ** make that 3 races still too close to call above - Glenn Nye just beat Republic Thelma Drake in MD-02 !

** The Obamalypse is upon us ! 17,000 self identified Values Voters stayed home in the two districts engulfing Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church.

** Bigot and Pan-Species Embarrassment Virgil Goode, (VA-05) lost !

** BushBot Marilyn Musgrave - also gone !

** Democrat Frank Kratovil has defeated Republican Andy Harris to win a seat that has been held by the GOP for 18 years in Maryland's tight 1st District congressional race. . . we are legion.

** Provisional Ballots - the last refuge of vote suppressors everywhere - not so much. These ballots are being counted in ALL the races still too close to call - like that freshly laundered $20 you find in the dryer, they are being put to good use - they counted to defeat Drake and Goode - and will no doubt provide us with a shiny new Senator, or two before the month is out. s'okay Hans, maybe next time.
More at the link.

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