Thursday, October 16, 2008

No smoke, no fire

I'm late getting started today because we had a false fire alarm in the middle of the night. I gather from the neighbors some drunk guy had a fight with his girlfriend and pulled it as he was storming away. Quite exciting and kind of a good metaphor for last night's debate.

I thought at first it was just my burgular alarm malfunctioning, which I managed to set off since I never use it and didn't remember how it worked. I couldn't shut it down again because the whole system was on bypass.

Anyway it took over an hour to shut down the alarm because the night shift fire fighters didn't have the reset code. By the time it was all over, it was 2:00am, hence my late night post. I couldn't fall asleep until about 4:00 so it's going to be a groggy day.

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