Sunday, October 19, 2008

The more McCain bashes him....

The more support grows for Barack Obama. Hot on the heels of his big rally in St. Louis that drew 100,000, another 75,000 or so Americans welcomed him to Kansas City.

And while the relentless character assassination of Obama may be energizing the hateful base of McCain's supporters, it's also motivating the rest of America to send money to Obama. The campaign reports a record-breaking $150 million in donations for the month of September. Word has it Obama can now afford to buy more ad time than is currently available. Good thing he was able to buy up that half hour of prime time space on all the major networks for October 29th. If that doesn't seal the deal beyond all hope of the GOP stealing the election by touchscreen fraud and bogus voter challenges, then nothing can.

It's enough to make even a cynic like me, believe in hope again.

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