Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain's Americans

I just posted to DetNews in a narrative form about how I'm sick of false equivalency. But I also want to archive the links here, for posterity. I collected these in about a week and it's stunning to see them all together. It's like an extraordinarily ugly picture puzzle of fear, loathing and bigotry.

The Asphyxiation banner. I'd like to know why the Secret Service isn't investigating the creator, instead of pretending to look for a lone heckler at a rally. He would be easy to find.

This good Christian American hates the Muslim baby killer.

Obama bin lying if you believe these fine 'Murkins.

Missouri's finest. Osama "Hussein" Obama will kill your babies.

Monkey man and his many likeminded friends from pro-Amurika. And why not add a little anti-Semitism to the mix?

The Sacramento County GOP : "Waterboard Barack Obama."

The lovely minds of a Republican women's group: Obama is a watermelon, ribs and fried chicken muncher that will put everyone on food stamps.

The Virginia GOP: "America must look evil in the eye and never flinch."

McCain Broward County FL office: A prominently displayed poster. Obama is Hilter, and Castro and Stalin.

McCain fundraiser: Obama assassination jokes.

And the robocalls. McCain says there's no comparison with his robocalls and those made against him in 2000. He's right about that. His calls are light years worse. And it's all for naught. Despite his best efforts, McCain's key demo is still going to "vote for the n**ger".

This, my friends, is McCain's America. The pure creation of his political ambitions and years of GOP wedge tactics. I don't find it to be a very nice place. I'd be very glad not to have to live in it anymore.

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