Monday, October 06, 2008

Flailin' Palin

The Caucus reports on a rally for the GOP faithful in Nebraska, quoting Palin's excuse for her dismal performance in the Couric interviews. She says she choked because she was so irritated at the questions.
“I was thinking, ‘Man, Americans wanna know about how I think we’re gonna win the war,’” and solve the country’s economic problems, she said, not learn about what she reads.
I would beg to differ. As a voter, I very much want to know what Ms. Palin reads and funny, I don't notice that she's answered her preferred questions either beyond "Drill, baby, drill" and shouting USA a few times for the crowd.

Maybe she thinks she can just wink a couple times on the teevee in Baghdad and the war will be magically "won." The perpetually wrong, Mr. Krazy Kristol certainly seems to believe it.

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