Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best voting experience of my entire life

Bob Schieffer's mom is right. I voted today and I do feel big and strong and it was really fun. Voting is a lot different here. Up north, it's a very somber and serious business. You're not allowed to talk to anyone and you must use the privacy booths. The ballots fold up so no one knows how you vote. Here in North Carolina it's more like a party. People mingle and everyone can see your ballot.

I ended up sitting a table and was joined by these three charming women.

I had them pegged as potential McCain voters and was braced to get the cold shoulder when they saw who I was voting for but it turns out they went straight Democratic, as of course I did. I shared my list of downticket candidates so we would be sure to vote for the right judges and we had a lovely chat outside afterwards.

They don't allow you to take photos inside the polling place so I didn't get a shot of my vote number 4543 but I hung around for so long afterwards that I got a picture of the guy who tends the machine.

I spent most of the time talking with these two Democratic party vounteers who were passing out sample ballots and answering questions.

I pitched my blogs of course, and got the lowdown on the local election buzz. Word has it turnout has been about double across the state. My polling place in this very small town was not that busy. I didn't have to wait in line but they say it was steady all day and expect bigger crowds tomorrow through Saturday. I'm also told that the lines in Chapel Hill have been really long since early voting started.

It was a pleasant hour and entirely the best voting experience I've ever had. It left me feeling energized and very positive about an Obama victory here. A feeling that was reinforced by driving through the neighborhoods on this gorgeous fall afternoon and noticing that the Obama signs outnumbered the McCain signs by about fifteen to one.

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Blogger rockync said...

Sounds like an excellent voting adventure. Harry and I will wait until Nov 4 because we always do. Everyone turns up and we run into neighbors we don't always get a chance to talk to. It is kind of fun and I know what you mean; I've been voting every election since I turned 18 because there is nothing else that gives you that sense of empowerment.

12:41:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

It's a lot different than up north. I've never had so much fun at the polls.

9:44:00 AM  
Blogger MK said...

Hey...looks like we live in the same county. I voted Monday at the Seymour Center, because they were open until 7 and my daughter wanted to vote after work. Plus, a friend is one of the people checking folks in. It was a very pleasant experience there, too. I'm glad you like NC. :-)

11:28:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey MK. It looks like we live in the same town. We should get together for coffee or a walk around town. Email me if you like. Addy on the sidebar.

12:40:00 PM  

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