Saturday, October 11, 2008

Base hates the newly civil McCain

After a resounding round of criticism across the board in the last couple of days about the sorry tactics of the all negative McCain, (and one suspects the polling that showed the tactics were driving up his negatives), good old John tried to close the floodgates of rage. The video shows some clips of his best efforts

You have to give the old guy some credit for trying, whether the reason was self-serving or not. It was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the headwaters of hate he released over the last week are just too strong to contain with a few mild rebukes.

The base still hates Obama and now they hate McCain too for wimping out. The Boston Globe reports, "In fact, the most rousing applause of the afternoon came not for McCain, but for one of several questioners who appealed to the candidate to "fight" in next Wednesday's final debate with Obama."

The Freepers are certainly not pleased judging by their reaction to McCain's remarks that Obama is a decent family man who should be treated with respect. This comment sums it up.
But all is not lost in the minds of our fringers at the Free Republic. They still have their pit bull.

I gave my hard earned money to him for this? Thank God Palin is on this ticket...

sarah needs to bitchslap mccain and soon

Woh John! You really took off the gloves there! I'm sure "That One" is laughing out loud right about now. Sheesh. I am back to voting for Sarah.
I can't figure the logic behind this train of thought. It's like they don't realize that Palin and McCain come as a package, and voting for Sarah is still a vote for McCain as President. Then again I've never understood the mentality of that crowd. [h/t Jules and Professor Wombat]

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