Friday, September 19, 2008

Is Palin on her way out?

Interesting theory from a reader's post at TPM. Noting the massive cancellations in four states:
CA fundraisers cancelled
WA fundraisers cancelled
Palin Dumped from Iran Rally
Cancels 9/18 VA Rally
Cancels Sunday Miami Rally due to weather - 30% chance of rain
Cancelled WY visit to go to UN
Tampa Visit Cancelled for second time
I've run this by my panel of experts, a/k/a the Atriots, and the consensus is probably not. It's more likely they cancelled her single appearances so she can stay on McCain's arm at joint appearances, seeing as he can't draw a crowd without her. I've seen reports that the people who do show up to hear her speak leave when McCain starts talking.

Another good point is we, meaning those of us who want to save the country from the clutches of the deceitful duo, don't want her to get kicked out now that the novelty has worn off and her favorability ratings are dropping off a cliff. On the other hand if I never had to hear that nails on the chalkboard voice and endure her finger wagging, preacher woman attitude while she lies her face off, it wouldn't make me unhappy.

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