Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blasting the bailout out of the water

Okay, I've just spent the better part of the day on the bailout at Detroit News. I have seven posts in a row on it. If I haven't convinced the Motor City citizens to barrage their Congresscritters, it won't be because I didn't try hard enough.

If you feel like plowing through the rhetoric, I wouldn't mind some feedback about how you think I did in building the case for outrage. If you don't feel like reading through it all because you probably don't need to be convinced, the bottom line is -- no deal as it stands right now. Clearly Bush's agenda here is to bankrupt us so the incoming adminstration is prevented from funding any progressive programs while allowing his cronies to loot the treasury down to the last penny. Best quote comes from one of Kevin Drum's friends who said, "It's like the Iraq War all over again -- Shock & Awe, followed by an occupation of Wall Street, and all with no exit plan."

Needless to say, time is of the essence. Contact your Congressman and your Senators and tell them no deal. Contact Obama here or here and ask him to take a leadership role in this.

Important Update: If you need help with talking points, Cernig posts a letter from the Agonist's blog, that spells out what's at stake very clearly, proposes a great solution and can be copied and sent with the permission of the author. I doubt I could state it better, so that's my plan. I remind you that you can send up to two free online faxes a day through freefax but any kind of contact will work. We need big numbers of outraged citizens to stop this before it's too late. Our future literally depends on it.

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[More posts daily at The Newshoggers and The Detroit News.]

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