Saturday, August 09, 2008

McCain unfit to lead

By Libby

This from the WSJ is a good takedown of McCain's alleged leadership creds. Rex Nutting points out that McCain has been living off the accomplishments of others all his life and is a shallow, incurious opportunist, not unlike the current occupant of the White House. I love this line:
The son and grandson of Navy admirals, he attended Annapolis where he did poorly. Nevertheless, he was commissioned as a pilot, where he performed poorly, crashing three planes before he failed to evade a North Vietnamese missile that destroyed his plane.
That's the thing about the McCain war hero myth. His service was certainly honorable, but it was hardly exemplary or particularly laudable. He didn't do anything outstanding.

Read it all but the closing grafs sum up his unfitness for the presidency really well.
Successful presidents come from two molds: visionaries, or mechanics. The visionaries -- think Reagan or FDR -- see what others can't and say 'Why not?" to inspire the country. The mechanics -- think LBJ or Eisenhower -- know the ins and outs of government and are able to harness the power of millions of humans to accomplish great things, or at least keep the wheels from coming off.

McCain fits neither style. He's neither a dreamer, nor a detail guy. His major accomplishment, in Vietnam and in the Senate, has been merely to survive.

Just surviving doesn't make you're a hero, or a decent president. America needs to do more than survive the next four years.
[Via Ron at Newshoggers]

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