Friday, August 08, 2008

Inflate your tires

By Capt. Fogg

The government says it may not be until 2030 before any oil we might refine from additional offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico affects gasoline prices in the US. John the Con-man says months. Barak Obama presents a list of measures to ameliorate the high price of fuel and Fox begins to pretend that it only included keeping your tires up to pressure.

Is the public buying it? Seems to me that I heard boos and I know I heard umpteen million V-twin engines drowning out his voice when he tried to snicker and sneer, pander and prevaricate before a crowd of leather clad bikers in Sturgis, South Dakota.

For sure he's a gold mine for comedians, at least those now beginning to have the courage to criticize. I do remember only a few years ago when Jon Lovitz faced a suddenly hostile audience here in Florida after he made a slight reference to the lack of perfection in George Bush and you know how Michael Moore has become the Burning Man after insinuating that the truth about George Bush was the truth about George Bush. Things are changing as you can see on Wednesday's Daily Show.

McCain seems more desperate that deliberate. Desperate to the point where he was stupid enough to humiliate his botoxed beauty queen of a wife by volunteering her for a "beauty contest" that traditionally includes raunchy behavior such as banana fellatio. I'm still not willing to express hope that the evil Rpeublican empire can be overthrown simply using the incompetence and unsuitability of its candidates, but it's funny and it takes a lot of humor to wash down current events these days.

Watch this.

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