Saturday, August 09, 2008

Edwards, infidelity and the first Mrs. McCain

By Libby

I'm probably the only poli-junkie in America who didn't follow the coverage on Bill and Monica. Sure I read the first few reports, but as the weeks wore on, I studiously avoided any story that rehashed the purient details. Neither can I bring myself to care about John Edwards affair. Somehow, I don't find the fact that married people cheat on each other all that shocking or interesting.

However, I see a theme emerging in the Edwards coverage asking why the elite media didn't jump on the story? The LAT gravely notes "what's really significant here is the cone of silence [among] the nation's major newspapers." I would suggest it's because it's gossip, not news. Edwards is not in public office anymore, so why should anyone care what he does behind closed doors?

But the pandering punditry can't stop themselves from ridiculous speculation about how this will affect Obama. Wrong question. Why should it reflect on Obama at all? Is he Edwards keeper? The more relevant question, that I asked at DetNews is, if John Edwards affair is newsworthy, then why isn't the media asking how it compares to John McCain's ill treatment of his first wife Carol, (pictured above), when he embarked on a torrid affair with his young enough to be his daughter, then mistress, and now wife, Cindy?

McCain lied to Carol, and in his book, about it. This is a man running for the highest public office in our land, yet so far I've seen exactly one passing mention of that. So spare me the faux outrage on the press covering up for Democrats. McCain lies about everything, every blessed day of the week, so why is it barely mentioned? Maybe the elite media could do some navel gazing on that question.

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Blogger Mary Ann said...

Kudos and yeah...what you said!

12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks Mary Ann.

9:11:00 AM  

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