Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pentagon released number two AQ

By Libby

I've been tied up all day but the Newshoggers have a ton of new content worth reading. If you're not up for the full scroll, at least make sure you read this one on the trial of bin Laden's driver.

This is why the White House doesn't want fair trials with open testimony.
Soon after Osama bin Laden's driver got here in 2002, he told interrogators the identity of the al Qaeda chief's most senior bodyguard — then a fellow prison camp detainee.

This startling information was revealed in the fourth day of the war crimes trial of Salim Hamdan, 37, facing conspiracy and material support for terror charges as an alleged member of bin Laden's inner circle.
Here's the part they don't want us to find out. The bodyguard was released without ever being charged in 2004. Of course, as Cernig notices, by then Bush had us mired in Iraq and bin Laden was so forgotten.

Only one Friedman Unit away from being free of this arrested adolescent.

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