Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCain launches lame attack ad

By Libby

The stink of desperation is permeating the McCain campaign. Obviously fearful and jealous of the positive reception that Obama received in the allied countries, he's releasing an ad criticizing Obama for failing to visit the wounded troops in Germany after the Pentagon threw an 11th hour restriction on the visit.

The ad just drips deceit, claiming Obama didn't visit because he couldn't bring cameras; ignoring the visits Obama made under the radar at Walter Reed and with the wounded troops in Iraq. In fact, Obama was planning to go alone without the media in Germany, but as Andrea Mitchell reported, the Pentagon told him at the last minute that he had to preauthorize the event and come with Senate staff who were no longer with him. McCain also claims Barack voted against funding the troops when in fact it was McCain who sided with the White House in voting against Jim Webb's bill that increased benefits for the serving troops. Obama voted for it.

And just this past week, McCain said that veteran's health care should be rationed. "At a town hall meeting in Dover, N.H., McCain talked about the need to 'concentrate' veterans’ health care on people with injuries that 'are a direct result of combat.'" So in other words, the soldier that gets electrocuted in the shower because of KBR's substandard oversight of subcontractors is out of luck.

I find it irritating almost beyond endurance, but in a way I'm glad to see it. I think it's a lousy ad and it just establishes the McCain persona as a whiny old McGeezer.

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