Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Absurdity Within the Catholic Church


Three devoted women, who have taken a lifelong vow to become Catholic Priests, were immediately excommunicated by the church. But if you are a MALE priest and you rape a child, no prob. Your status in the church is solemnly and sacredly secure.

There is just no way that I can say it more succinctly than this:
...Sunday in Boston all three were “ordained” in a ceremony run by a pro-women priest organization. The Archdiocese of Boston promptly declared that the women had automatically excommunicated themselves by such action. Their excommunicable sin: yearning to dedicate themselves to the church and faith they love.

Meanwhile, here’s who hasn’t been excommunicated: hundreds of priests and bishops who’ve admitted to or been accused of multiple sexual assaults on children and teenagers. Some resign. Some are defrocked. But many more remain Catholics in good standing or even retain their titles, their pay, their clerical trappings and the support of the church.

“I’m not sure I’ve heard of anybody (in the sex scandal) being excommunicated for raping a child,” said someone who follows these cases nonstop. “But a woman who wants to say Mass?”
Off with her head! Clearly, the priest's behavior is considered minor compared to these three women who have the gall to want to serve their local people by becoming priests. Here's an example of who the church believes is more fit to preach to your children than these three women.
Francis E. Bass, a former bishop in the Davenport, Iowa, diocese, was accused of abusing many boys and of sharing them with multiple priests in group sex orgies. He settled a lawsuit with the archdiocese after the statute of limitation ran out for criminal prosecution. The archdiocese, by the way, asked the Vatican to defrock Bass. The Vatican said no, leaving him free to say Mass every day.
The list of perverts that have been protected by the Church seems endless. Just read the article. Not to mention their complicity during the Holocaust and acceptance of slavery. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

And now, the pope is in Australia of all places, apologizing for the sexual rape and abuse of children by his priests and bishops there! He's doing a goddamn world apology tour! I know he's trying to use his papal aura to convince victims not to sue, but I sincerely hope they are not swayed by his insincere mumblings of regret. Go for the money folks, while there's still some left.

How about a new victim's slogan. "They got the sucks, NOW we get the bucks."

Has a nice ring to it.
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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Absurdity has been at home in the Roman Church since it declared itself to be the one authentic heir to Jesus' legacy.

Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, a Berber Pagan of the second century who was responsible for much Church doctrine, wrote "I believe because it is impossible." That makes him the father of absurdity in my opinion.

Of course buggering kids is a SIN and sin can be forgiven through ritual. Arguing with absurd medieval doctrine however, gets you sent to absolute, eternal, unremitting torment. Absurd enough?

If I say 17 Heil Marys can I be absolved from laughing over your slogan?

8:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider yourself absolved. I do think it's at least as catchy as "If it doesn't fit, you must aquit."

8:12:00 PM  

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