Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AP update

By Libby

AP's latest laughable tender to bloggers is a kneeslapper. They, in their largesse, have agreed to sell their content to Blogtopia at the low rate of $12.50 for five words. They're also offering a bulk scale. For the bargain rate of $100 you get 251 words. Pay up front if you please.

Meanwhile, the boycott is growing and a lot of bloggers are joining the action. Except the Great Orange Satan his own self. Kos is going to use their content and publicly dared them to pick on somebody their own size. Like him.

Good. He can afford to be sued and I think everybody would love to see this go to court to settle the issue. In the interim, if everybody else boycotts it will affect their traffic and between that and Markos's mockery, they'll be sorry they ever started this chicanery. That's something.

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