Friday, May 09, 2008

When media stupid charts the debate

By Libby

Going to great lengths to avoid making post-mortem prouncements on the apparently "it's so over" primary, I've devoted my mind to greater problems like what Tweety's new nickname should be and other issues of major import like this one that is occupying our legacy media this morning. Watch the video for yourself and decide, but I think John Edwards just gave away who he voted for.

There's some amount of speculation about whether John said "him" or "em" but he's a rather precise speaker and he wasn't noticably drawling heavily through the rest of the conversation that I could hear. Not that it matters particularly. We can be reasonably sure that Elizabeth voted for Hillary so their votes cancelled each other out anyway.

You might think the media would be spending a bit more time wondering why Cindy McCain refuses to release her tax returns -- ever. As I said at that Newshoggers post, sorry Mrs. Elite Candidate's Wife but transparency comes with the job description. Of course, the media thinks they're the kingmakers who are allowed to set the interview criteria so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that they so courteously kowtow in the face of future barbecue invitations.

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