Friday, May 30, 2008

Ted Stevens & James Peake Hate Veterans


At Memorial Day events in Alaska, both Senator Ted Stevens and VA secretary James Peake decided that, instead of honoring veterans, it was a good day to try to screw them over - again. Stevens warned of a "mass exodus" from the military if the 21st Century GI Bill goes into law without major changes.

In other words, don't give them full college benefits after their tour is up (like he got after WWII service) because, heaven forbid, they might want to actually get out of the military when they are supposed to and use those benefits. They might not stay in the military so they can be rotated back to Iraq over and over and over again until they get wounded or killed, their marriage falls apart, or they finally commit suicide.

Instead of that Ted, why don't you reinstate the draft and solve all of those problems once and for all? Maybe because you're a political coward and don't give a shit about our soldiers? Or even worse, maybe because some rich donors son might have to go "serve his country" along with all of the poor ones that already are? Can't have that.

Peake did his part to humiliate the vets by insisting that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is over diagnosed, attaching a stigma to PTSD that the mental health and veterans community have worked hard to remove.

Now isn't THAT a load of Bushco doublespeaking crap. Does anyone agree that the VA should be a completely independent agency and the head of it should NOT be appointed by the president? On the other hand, does anyone remember the VA ever being so political and involved in conflicts like this before? I don't.
"What Stevens and the Bush Administration said this weekend was unfounded and disappointing," Begich said. "While Stevens had his college education fully paid for after serving in WWII, he now wants to hold today’s veterans hostage by not offering them full college benefits. Our veterans deserve care and support for their service, but Stevens and the Bush administration prefer to deny them those benefits."
Peake and Stevens. Two more war criminals for the firing squad.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Jon Stewart chewed on that one Thursday night. Seems the analysis being quoted that claimed a 16% (mass?) exodus would be balanced by an estimated 16% increase in recruitment.

These people don't care how flimsy their lies are.

No blindfolds for these bastards!

8:06:00 AM  

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