Friday, May 30, 2008

Send Blue Girl to Austin

By Libby

I've been spreading some posts around at my other blogs but I'm still moving pretty slow today. While I'm working on something else, I'm just going to steal this one outright from Cernig.
Tammy Bruce, aka Blue Girl, Red State, seriously wants to go to the Netroots Nation conference in Austin, sponsored by Democracy For America. She's up for a scholarship so please take a moment to drop a comment there supporting her application.

Tammy was the woman who filed the legal brief that got the pre-sentencing letters in support of Scooter Libby released to the public. For that alone, she deserves a scholarship as thanks.
She deserves it also for all the fine work she does all over the intertubes. Please do take a moment to make a pitch for her.


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