Saturday, May 03, 2008

Putzintry at the WaPo

By Libby

Fred Hiatt is an idiot, but you knew that already. Nonetheless, he struck the motherlode of stupid with this WaPo editiorial today.

In the world according to Fred, air strikes in Somalia are bad because they kill civilians but air strikes in Iraq are good because they come complete with a foreign occupying force that roll through the towns in tanks and kill innocent civilians with ground fire. I wonder how he's going to keep his position as squad leader on the White House cheerleading team if he sticks to that 'reasoning,' since air strikes alone are what Dick and George apparently are planning for Iran. They sure as hell don't have an occupying force waiting in in the wings for that harebrained scheme.

I would say more, but Glenn already has done the full scale mockery. He never leaves much room for elaboration.

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