Friday, May 30, 2008

Friedman's five year suck up

By Libby

Atrios reminds us that today marks the unhappy anniversary of Little Tommy Friedman's immoral Freudian fantasy. "Five years, or 10 F.U.s, ago today, America's leading foreign affairs public intellectual explained the Iraq war to us."

Atrios modestly fails to mention that it was at this time he coined the phrase, Friedman Unit, to describe Friedman's souless excuse for analysis but Jane remembers how he coined the term that came to be universally understood as six more months of fucked up foreign policy.

Of all the failed pundits who faked up justifications to continue the ill-fated occupation, Friedman, by dint of his undeserved forum, is the worst offender but I can't really do justice in expressing my disgust today, so I'll send to John Amato who collected the links to those who have expressed it better already. Meanwhile, Atrios has been on this all day and sums up the spirit of the occassion perfectly.
So on Suck On This Day we should do our part to convince as many people as we can that Tom Friedman is a blithering idiot and a moral monster. Suck On This Tommy!
Word up and a hearty FU to you too Mr. Friedman. May all those whose lives you destroyed with your malevolent masturbatory fantasies live to see your karmic kickback.

Update: I'm quickly running out of steam today but Atrios is still going.

I think one day isn't going to be enough to cover just how much Friedman sucks.

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