Sunday, April 06, 2008

Searching for evidence of intelligent life

By Libby

This is hysterical. Instaputz catches Hugh Hewitt's latest sojourn into the vacuous. Click over for the delightful comments but here's the gist of Hewitt's confoundment.
I played excerpts from Hillary's speech from today, in which she references "hurling" her "bookbag" across her room at college on hearing of the assassination of MLK, as well as wearing a black arm band in a protest march in Boston in the aftermath of the murder.

Listeners are e-mailing skepticism about their being bookbags and arm bands in 1968. I have no opinion, being 12 at the time. E-mail evidence to
I'm only four years older and I remember book bags, although I'll admit by 68 I wasn't using one anymore since I had already completed most of my required courses for graduation and spent the bulk of my time in the art room. Still, most of the 12 year olds I knew were carrying them, along with pencil boxes. Well except for the slow to mature who were still carrying their Rat Patrol lunchboxes to school and playing with their GI Joes in the sandbox during recess.

And I suppose he may have been too busy playing with his toy soldiers to notice that the big kids were all wearing black armbands, not just when MLK died, but every day to protest the Vietnam war. As I recall at my school, they successfully banned them in the face of much protest, but that of course was prior to the Tinker decision.

Maybe Hugh was too absorbed in his sandbox victories to notice people were protesting that war. Funny, his powers of observation don't appear to have become any more acute when it comes to our present military folly. For some reason, I'm reminded of Baby Huey but I suppose Hugh doesn't remember him either.

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