Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick bytes - Going out of my head edition

By Libby

Song in my head... The classic version is better but I'm posting this one as well because I loved the Mike Douglas show when I was a kid.

I have too many links, old and new, that are too good to lose but I won't have time to blog about so some weekend reading for you.

This is the must read link. Cernig has been working with a blogger think tank to pull together a suggested nuclear proliferation policy for the government. We don't actually have one in the US.

I posted on this myself a while back but Diane reminds us the Thought Crime Bill is still alive and should be dragged out back and shot. Contact info for your Congresslizards is on our main page sidebar.

I've always thought this was true and here's new evidence that easy access to internet porn reduces incidents of rape.

I missed blog for pro-choice day but here's a good linky post.

Conservative Communism is worth a read in full but here's a quote.
The incredible influence Neoconservatives that were spawned in the Conunist Ascension have in the current government is undeniable. The concepts of a greater American empire, established with the policy of nation building, by unilateralism if necessary, once the anathema of the traditional conservative ideology, is now foreign policy du jour. Stalinist methods such as domestic surveillance without warrant, disregarding habeous corpus, disregarding lawful legislation through executive decree, expansion of the power of the executive coupled with a reduction in the powers of the legislative, increased militarism and nationalism fueled by a distrust of internationalism and fear of outside threats are now political reality.
Diebolds aren't our only problem with the electoral process. SCOTUS rulings will probably "hand the 2008 presidential election, and likely many national and state elections, to the Republican Party."

I'm all for making 08 a historic election by breaking the rich white guy lock on the office but Lambert puts his finger on what bothers me about Obama.

Meanwhile, Wexler still wants impeachment and you can help.

If you need a reason to jump on the impeachment wagon, well, here's 935 false statements leading to war just for starters. I have a post on this one at Detroit News.

If that's not enough to get you excited about impeaching, how about the INS deporting American citizens? This is a result of Bush's directives and if we don't impeach, there's no guarantee the next president won't just keep all his insane policies in place.

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