Friday, January 18, 2008

Media Bytes - Wish you would Edition

By Libby

For those of you who have never seen a 45 rpm record in action, I'm embedding today's song in my head.

I wonder what every happened to the Yardbirds? Meanwhile, I have lots of videos today.

This interview with Doughy Pantload and Jon Stewart is priceless. I wish they would air the whole 18 minutes.

This one comes from Australia and is really quite clever. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Kevin Hayden just had a birthday and as you can see , he's aging well.

They're calling this a heated exchange between Romney and the press. I don't know about heated but I was rooting for the AP guy. Good for him.

An Onion a day keeps depression away. Newsflash, voter's top issue is bullshit.

[The rest of these are via Avedon who always finds the best stuff.]

Don't delay. Beat the rush and turn in your cash for the new Halliburton Coins.

Do you want those eggs over Uzi?

I love JRR Tolkien and his Lord of Rings series, so you can imagine my delight in seeing this confection which is ten times more impressive than the one they did last year.

Judging conservatism by the results. It ain't that pretty at all.

A lot of people are laughing about southern fried squirrel but I don't think they understand that people actually still eat squirrels down here. I think it will help Huck more than it will hurt him.

This one is sobering but advice well worth taking. Refuse to be terrorized. There are more dangerous things in your life than terrorists.

And finally, I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas for the neon. I love neon lights, but I'm not much for gambling so I've never been that motivated. However, I now have a really good reason to go. I could happily spend a week at this place. I'm pretty good too, so it wouldn't cost me much to hang around.

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I first saw Jeff Beck in the movie Blow Up which hooked me so bad I saw it uncountable times and am likely to see it many more. I lost interest in the group when they fired him.

I wanted to be David Hemmings so much that it started a lifelong interest in photography. I don't have the Roller any more but I still have my Hasselblad.

It's funny to hear the little Reaganbrains trash the flick. They have no idea what it's about and see it in some convoluted casuistic way, but the entire meaning of everything is contained therein.

12:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am fucking good at pinball. My favorite games :


tales of arabian nights,

fun house.

3:11:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I love Beck too. Amazingly, I see the group is still going in new incarnation. Astounding.

I don't quite remember Blowup, but I do recall it was controversial. But it is funny how the creativity of those days inspired us all.

Lester, someday I'm going to come to Boston and we're going to play pinball. I love Cyclone and Fun House. I don't know the Arabian Nights but I've got a few other favs. Hurricane, which is either the precursor or sucessor to Cyclone. Attack from Mars. Star Trek, the old version. Addams Family. And Fish Tails. I've nailed that machine all over the world.

8:34:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I used to live to play pinball - played so many of them in Europe that I'm sure everyone at Bally and Gottlieb got a bonus that year.

Those were mechanical machines - I have no affection for the electronic ones.

Blowup is only controversial among moralists with double digit IQ's

10:40:00 PM  
Blogger Avedon said...

After Keith died, The Yardbirds became The New Yardbirds, and then they become some group called Led Zeppelin. They rose to prominance simultaneously with The Jeff Beck Group.

Blow-Up, one of my all time favorite movies, was notable because it was about a photographer becoming part of the picture rather than merely a mute recorder behind it. Numerous individual scenes in the movie represent this theme, and it is spelled out in the two framing sequences that open and close the movie.

However, at the time, the critics regarded it as notable because it obsessed on its "eroticism" (mostly a scene of a fashion shoot with some models). If you look at old reviews of it now, I don't think you'll find a single one that discusses the actual theme of the movie; all refer to the "eroticism".

10:09:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Fogg, I used to live for pinball too. I played so much I developed pinball shoulder and wherever I travel I still look for a machine. I also prefer the old mechanical ones. The electronic ones with the 3D graphics aren't the same at all.

Avedon, it's funny how I forgot just about everything about the Yardbirds except that I really liked them at the time. I forgot the whole history but in my defense I was living on the farm in those days and didn't have much access to the real world. I missed a lot of stuff in those ten or so years, including BlowUp. Obviously I need to see that movie, having heard its praises from you and Fogg. If you both loved it so much, I'm sure I'm going to love it too.

11:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

twilight zone game does too yo

11:32:00 AM  

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