Saturday, January 26, 2008

Media Bytes - Built for Comfort Edition

By Libby

Song in my head. I couldn't find an original version by Willie Dixon or Howlin' Wolf, but this cover was pretty good. Meanwhile, it's been a hell of a week, both emotionally and physically. I woke up at six this morning feeling literally like I had been hit by a truck. Everything kind of hurts and I'm moving slow. Not to mention, I've been pretty much out of the loop for a week so it took hours to catch up on my reading. I'm still defragging my brain, so here's some media bytes to keep you entertained while I process the information overload.

I believe I've never posted one of these but this has to be the best cat blogging ever.

Charles looks at the Yangtze River - what's left of it.

Would you want this woman to teach your children? I wouldn't have a problem with it myself but apparently, some parents do.

I loved this. Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman.

Night of the Living Constitution. Funny in a way that kind of makes you cringe.

Same for this one. Disgraced former Majority Leader Tom DeLay: "McCain has done more to hurt the Republican party than any elected official I know of." The text doesn't do it justice. It's better on video.

I also love slow mo videos.

This link comes up with a post on paper construction sculptures you've probably already seen but scroll on the sidebar to find the colorful construction paper art. I like these even better.

I'm not sure what to make of this but the whisper was very weird.

And I may have already posted this link, but in case you missed it, the Library of Congress Commons Project on Flickr is very cool.

[Best links always come from Avedon]

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