Thursday, January 17, 2008

A healthy debate

By Libby

Health insurance is a hot topic in this cycle and FDL teamed with the AFLCIO to put up a survey on health care issues that will run until early February. It's unique in that it gives an option to enter a written account of personal experiences with insurer misconduct. They already have over 1,400 tales of criminally negligent denials of service.

FDL has a couple of them at the link but none are more egregious than this man who had his artificial arm repossessed. Which in turn pales in outrageousness when one recalls the young woman who died recently due to a delay in authorization for a liver transplant.

The survey will be printed out and distributed widely among policy makers and politicians. Considering the energy, knowledge and access that this group has, I think this as an excellent way to get your voice heard where it matters and I'd urge participating in at least the question portion of the survey.

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