Sunday, October 07, 2007

Under the radar

By Libby

A few items that I didn't get around to this week but are worth noting.

Via Avedon, Edwards is building some 'mo. In a town of 229, John Edwards drew a crowd of 1800 people. They tell me that's a 800% turnout. Pretty impressive.

I missed this story on the woman who wore an anti-Bush tshirt to a pre-screened "town meeting" photo op. Sherry Wolfe shows up in comments here to explain why she thinks she got away with it.

Freedom of the press ain't what it used to be.
American authorities confiscated an AP Television News videotape that contained scenes of the wounded being evacuated. U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Scott Bleichwehl told AP that Iraqi law make it illegal to photograph or videotape the aftermath of bombings or other attacks.
The only question left is when we lose all our freedoms, will the terrorists stop hating us?

I meant to post on this a couple of days ago and inadvertently deleted the link I'd saved. Fortunately, Chris Floyd picked up the story and does it better than I could anyway. It's not that it's so unusual in the daily carnage but I thought the fact the Pentagon was trying to tie it to Iran's Quds force was material. The Pentagon says it killed 25 insurgents while failing to get the mastermind they were after. The Iraqis on the scene report that the air strikes massacred civilians who were trying to protect their village from AQ. I know who I believe.

The EPA approved a new pesticide over the objections of numerous experts, including six Nobel prize winners, saying their research is better than any old neutral scientists. I think that's fine as long as those same bureaucrats agree to move their offices to the middle of the treated fields for the duration of the year long authorization. If it's so damn safe, let them sit in it.

And from today's news, more setbacks for Bush's play fortress the US Embassy in Iraq. More cost overruns, infighting among the US bureaucrats, shoddy construction, inferior materials, sprinkler that don't work -- you know -- reconstruction as usual. Tell me again how giving the contracts to big corrupt corporations is so efficient.

And don't forget design changes. Now they're adding permanent offices for St. Petraeus to the compound. Sure sign that we're getting ready to wind down the occupation -- right.


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