Monday, October 22, 2007

Jesus endorses Dodd

By Libby

Not many bloggers are endorsing candidates but Jesus General has broken the ice with his benediction on Dodd's campaign and he reminds me that Dodd also has a good proposal in the legislative hopper that is being ignored by his fellow Democrats.

His Restoring the Constitution Act will restore habeas corpus and end the use of torture and secret prisons. And unlike many of his caucusmates, he's actively fighting the FISA domestic spying act. He is the only candidate actively working to restore the basic rights stolen from us by the fear-mongering proto-fascists who seized control of our country in 2000. Obama and Clinton seem to have bought into the idea at only "pussies" care about the Bill of Rights. Dodd cares more about righting the wrongs than worrying about Frank Luntz's latest focus group.

I'm not ready to make any endorsements myself yet but I have to admit Dodd is looking better to me all the time. Of all the dark horse candidates that could thunder in on the last lap to win the race, it seems to me he has the best chance, even if it's only a slim one. In any event, if Hillary really is inevitable, Dodd presents an opportunity for a meaningful protest vote.

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