Friday, October 26, 2007

Excess Hoggage - Big Talk edition

By Libby

The blog moves so fast at Newshoggers that I can hardly keep up with it myself. In case you missed my brief appearances...

Questions and Answers part one.

Questions and Answers part two.

Medicare Plus fraud. Only a problem if Soros does it.

I bitch out the fringers on Beauchamp. It's so time for the fringer blog mob to let that one go.

Incumbents and earmarks are the problem.

Steny Hoyer talks sense. I like the talk but I don't know that we can trust him to walk it.

And congratulations to the winners of the fringenut fundies ten most dangerous list. I'm a little insulted that The Impolitic didn't make the top ten. We're just as dangerous as any of those guys.


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