Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rudy's weird factor

By Libby

It's been an ongoing source of amazement to me that Guiliani's campaign has been thus far so successful. The guy is a meglomaniac who lies consistently about his record, hasn't demonstrated any real leadership skills outside of the ability to use his power to get laid, and yet his numbers are consistently high with the red meat base. One is tempted to speculate his supporters are either naive, stupid or deluded.

More than that, although I don't buy into the framing that he has "a record of accomplishment in New York, and he projects the kind of executive competence that many Americans want in a President," even the WSJ noticed, the man is just plain weird. I mean who would want a president that takes personal phone calls in the middle of his speeches? He makes Bush's arrogance look mannerly.

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