Saturday, September 01, 2007

I had a dream

By Libby

No really. I had the most bizarre dream last night. I dreamt that Karl Rove and I were lovers. Otherwise, I've been on this secrecy kick today, which I expanded upon further while pondering the rewriting of history and how disrespectful I find the scheduling of Petreaus's "report" for 9/11. It's so crass and then Bush still has the hubris to accuse the Democrats of politicizing the surge? It's disgusting.

As is the administration's record on transparency. Coincidentally I ran across this item at today.

WASHINGTON - Government secrecy by almost any measure is expanding and little is being done to stop it, according to a coalition of 67 organizations favoring greater openness.

There's a whole laundry list at the link but these were two of my favorites.
In 2000, 45 percent of contract dollars were awarded under full and open competition; by 2006, only 34 percent followed such procedures, said the report. Since 2000, over 25 percent of federal contracts were awarded without competition, a total of $559.9 billion.

In the intelligence realm, classified "black" acquisition programs about which nothing is revealed in the budget account for 18 percent of Pentagon contracting or $31.5 billion, more than double the level from 12 years ago, the group said.

Black acquisition could pretty well describe the current Pentagon PR blitz, which I expound upon to the delight of at least three people in Detroit with The surge has failed - don't be fooled again edition, even if these fools say they saw the headlights of success in the rocket's red flares.

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