Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hit and run linkage

By Libby

It's another crazy day for me but just to let you know I'm alive and paying attention, here's a couple of links to peruse until I get home tonight.

The pundits can spin the polls and Petraeus can twist the statistics all they want, but the people who know the most, the military on the ground, are speaking with their wallets. Contributions to Democrats are at an all time high. Not sure exactly why, except to make a statement of protest against policy since the Dems have been all but useless in changing the course of the occupation.

Bush is due to make a big speech tonight to tell us his new way forward. That would taking two steps backwards, then one step back to where we were before and calling it progress. One guy unfortunately who won't be listening is the key tribal ally in Anbar who was murdered today. So much for security improving. This guy had to be the best protected person in the province.

Neither George Will or Robert Novak are fans of Freddie Thompson and wonder aloud why the hell he is even running at this point.

House Minority Leader John Boehner thinks the thousands of lives lost and billions of tax dollars spent on the Iraq folly are a small price to pay to spare Bush the embarrassment of admitting he's a total failure.

Our intelligence czar admits he lied to Congress when he said the new enhanced FISA laws had a bloody thing to do with the cracking of the terrorist plot in Germany. All that work was actually done with warrants.

Wondering why our country's infrastructure is failing? Could it be the $8 billion in earmarks that lard the transportation bills and supplant priority needs with personal pork projects? Most likely.


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