Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harassing the troops

By Libby

I've had a tumultuous couple of days, hence the lack of posting. The only thing I managed to do on the intertubes was bitch at fools. I'm tired and I'm cranky and I've just about had it with the 101st keyboard cowardists. This Beauchamp vendetta has gone beyond vanity and lapsed into cruel and stupid. It's bad enough when these people go after minimum wage clerks but to spend six weeks or so harassing a single soldier on active duty in the sandbox is beyond the pale. John Cole is on CY's case and I got into it with him the comments. This was my last one.
CY, in my unclever way, I see two things. One nobody on "the left" used those military records against the soldiers, as you predicted. We didn't comb the hundreds of cruel and needless deaths of civilian Iraqis because we actually do support the troops. We don't blame them for going crazy in that insane occupation. Even when they do bad things. We have no interest in ganging up on any single active duty soldier, in order to get attention. We go after the corrupt administration, not the guys at the bottom who are stuck fighting for it.

You feel like a big man for ruining one soldier's life for probably making up a story based on what he's heard? Who gives a flying leap? One hapless slub sees a chance to make a few extra bucks writing a story and it's a big victory to harass him and his entire platoon for, what is it now, five or six weeks? Bejus man, what you do think you've accomplished, cause I don't see it. You don't look like a hero to me. You look like the bully who steals kid's lunch money on the playground.

Two, I'd bet money that after being subjected to a month and half of being hauled in before the brass to testify about whether they were going to verify that some guy danced around with a skull on his head, that you're a whole lot less popular in that platoon than Beauchamp is.

It's insane. CY is whoring for hits by causing unnecessary stress on 700 men simply to hound a single soldier for telling a story, that even if it's not true, is mild in comparison to the documented misconduct recently released by the governent to the ACLU. On the day that happened, CY said, without a trace of irony, "Fine. Let us spin the data and the findings to support our political viewpoints. But please, let's do so without attacking the integrity of those who serve, which is a tactic becoming more common, and repulsive, as time goes by."

How Owens and his compadres in the Righty Ragers figure they're "supporting the troops" by subjecting an entire platoon to this extended meaningless witch hunt, generated soley so Owens and his little friends can play at being "citizen journalists," is beyond me. But he's right about one thing. It is grossly repulsive.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

they did the same thing during the israel lebanon war when some doctored photo turned up. they try to make the story ABOUT the behaviour of those opposing the war because they can't defend the war. same with the moveon ad. You'd think that because moveon ran an insensitive ad, that it meant the war was a good idea.

9:40:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

That's why I think the ad was a mistake. It just gave them something to obsess about but then again, if it wasn't the ad, they would have found something else to bitch about instead of confronting the obvious lies.

7:36:00 AM  

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