Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cowboy diplomacy creates crowd Down Under

By Libby

Building on Fogg's post our Braggart in Chief didn't swagger into the SE Asia conference alone to boast his prowess. Like any bully worth his salt, he brought his posse with him. All 700 of them, which included 250 Secret Service agents and 350 beltway bureaucrats. What do you want to bet the manifest also included a hairdresser? Heck, he probably brings a maid and a butler too.

It took three jumbo jets and two "gargantuan C17 Globemaster III air transports" to carry the passengers and all the acroutements, including Marine One and a Black Hawk surveillance helicopter for backup, two backup Air Force One jumbo jets just for him and a fleet of cars.

How crazy is that? Royalty doesn't arrive with such an ostentatious display, nor do any other world leaders to my knowledge. I mean does anybody need 250 personal security guards to walk the streets of Australia? They're even bringing their own bullets. It's insulting in a way to the host. It implies he doesn't trust their security. Not to mention that he changed his plans at the last minute to arrive late and is leaving the conference early. And why bring all the advisors? It's not like he's going to listen to any of them.

This is the way he treats our allies. Small wonder we have so few real friends left. On the bright side, it occurs to me that if we survive to the end of his regime, the next president will have it easier on the diplomacy side with our allies at least. We could elect Attila the Hun and it couldn't fail to feel like an improvement.

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Blogger Steve said...

Be careful of what you wish for...

Attila IS running. Just changed his name to Fred.

12:18:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Steve. Actually, I just read in the LAT that his given name is Freddie. He changed it for political reasons.

1:20:00 PM  

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