Sunday, August 26, 2007

Media Bytes - War games edition

By Libby
Updated below

No week is complete without a Jon Stewart clip. Jon gives the preznit's speech to the VFW some hysterical historical hysterical prespective.

Feeling nosy? Search this database for political contributions from your town.

Via Steve Clemons in a guest post at Sully's place, a new milblog by a real soldier who miraculously hasn't been shut down by the Pentagon yet, Army of Dude. Steve has some great quotes but here's my favorite.
In the future, I want my children to grow up with the belief that what I did here was wrong, in a society that doesn’t deem that idea unpatriotic.
I hope that for him, and for all of us too.

In case you were wondering about the symbolic meaning of Bye Bye Miss American Pie. It's actually quite good if you don't hate the song. Me, I've always loved it. Easy to sing along to in the car.

And in case you missed this one, a reenactment of the toppling of Saddam's statute, conducted in front of Cheney's ranch and using an effigy of the Veep to play the statute.

Update: Our children are our future. Words fail - literally.


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